American Job Center

    • What is the American Job Center?
        • The American Job Center is a place where job seekers can gain career skills and tools that lead to a living wage. In addition, employers can get assistance in building and supporting their workforce. Both job seeker and employer customers can access a wide range of services available in our community, at no cost to them. The center is a partnership between local government, state agencies, non-profits, and community-based organizations. The center is a result of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act which requires organizations receiving federal dollars for employment and training activities to work together with the American Job Center to deliver services. Our American Job Center coordinates services to over 20 programs. Our center directly operates the Adult, Dislocated Worker, YESS, and Ticket to Work programs.

    • What is the partnership between the American Job Center and City of Lincoln?
        • The City of Lincoln, in partnership with the Greater Lincoln Workforce Development Board, oversees and runs the American Job Center. This includes operating the resource room, Adult Program, Dislocated Worker Program, YESS, and Ticket to Work. The city provides administrative entity staff, fiscal staff, and front-line staff to support this work. The city is the grantee for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title 1B for Lancaster and Saunders Counties, which funds most of the programming. The city does use a small portion of general funds to support the center as well, which is approved by City Council.

    • Do I need to wear a mask at the American Job Center?
        • Not at this time, but masks are available for free should you need one. PLEASE NOTE: The American Job Center follows local health directives, which may at some times require visitors to wear masks.

    • Where is the American Job Center?
        • Our center is in downtown Lincoln at 1330 N Street. We also provide services on-site in Wahoo at the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster & Saunders County office, as well as at the Ashland Public Library. Additionally, most services are available online. Our center is proud to be a partner of the American Job Center network. Centers are located around the country. Use the American Job Center Finder to find a center in your local area. Many centers go by an alternative name, like the center in Omaha is called Heartland Workforce Solutions, in Council Bluffs it is called IowaWorks, or in Kansas City it is called Workforce Partnership

Getting Started

    • How do I make an appointment if I don’t have an email?
        • If you are unable to book an appointment online, you may schedule an appointment by calling 402-441-1640. Additionally, walk-ins are welcome.

    • How do I get started? How do I apply for services?
        • The best way to get started is to complete the program matcher to determine which programs you may qualify for. After that you should schedule an appointment with a resource room navigator to discuss your results and your career goals. The resource room navigator will than work with you in applying for employment and training programs based on your eligibility and goals. You may also schedule an appointment directly with a career planner or case manager to explore a specific program.

    • Do I need to schedule an appointment before visiting the American Job Center?
        • Appointments are encouraged to ensure that you can receive the right services and assistance during your visit, however appointments are not required. Walk-ins are welcome and we often have capacity.

    • What if I do not live in Lancaster or Saunders County? Can I still receive services?
        • Yes, if you live in or want to work in one of these counties, we can help you find a job. 


    • How long does NEworks registration take?
        • This process will take about 5-8 minutes.

    • Am I required to create an NEworks account?
        • Yes, to receive services you must be registered in NEworks. This is how services are tracked and reported to the United States Department of Labor and Nebraska Department of Labor.

    • Can I get help resetting my NEworks password?
        • Yes, staff at the American Job Center can reset your password.


    • Can I get help filing for Unemployment Insurance Benefits?
        • Nebraska Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Benefit staff typically work in the resource room during normal business hours and are available to assist with your initial or weekly claim. Additionally, the American Job Center has a phone directly linked to the Nebraska Claims Center. This phone is faster than directly calling the Nebraska Claims Center at 402-458-2500, as it prioritizes calls from this line. You can reserve this phone line or make an appointment with a staff member for assistance by booking an appointment.

    • Is the American Job Center an unemployment office?
        • The American Job Center partners with the Nebraska Department of Labor to aid with unemployment claims. Staff from the Nebraska Department of Labor are available to assist with claims. Our resource room navigators and career planners are trained in how to file claims, but they are not unemployment insurance benefits and therefore can not speak on the status of your claim or eligibility.


    • What is a waitlist?
        • A waitlist is established when the demand for services surpasses the available resources. This is often the case for funded activities such as occupational skills training, supportive services, and on-the-job trainings within the WIOA Title 1B programs, including the Adult Program, Dislocated Worker Program, and Youth Employment Support Services. Individuals eligible for these programs may choose to enroll without immediate funding for certain services, allowing them to benefit from career planning and pursue employment opportunities actively.

    • How do I get on the waitlist?
        • To initiate the application process or to join the waitlist, please get in touch with Jenny Inness, our dedicated outreach specialist. You can reach Jenny at or call her directly at 402-441-8192. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with Fatima by visiting our online appointment booking platform:

    • How is the waitlist managed?
        • The waitlist operates based on a priority criteria system, focusing particularly on individuals facing significant employment barriers. Eligible individuals will be added to the waitlist and served in the following order:

For WIOA Adult Program individuals:

  1. Veterans and eligible spouses of Veterans who are recipients of public assistance, low-income, or basic-skills deficient.
  2. Non-Veterans and eligible spouses of Veterans who are recipients of public assistance, low-income, or basic-skills deficient.
  3. Veterans and eligible spouses of Veterans who are not recipients of public assistance, low-income, or basic-skills deficient.
  4. Individuals who are not recipients of public assistance, low-income, or basic-skills deficient.

For WIOA Dislocated Worker Program individuals:

  1. Individuals meeting the dislocated worker eligibility criteria.
  2. Veterans or eligible spouses of Veterans meeting the dislocated worker eligibility criteria, given priority over non-Veteran dislocated workers.

Waitlisted individuals will receive monthly notifications regarding their status. These notifications will include information about anticipated wait times and suggestions for alternative resources that can be explored during the waiting period.

Should you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are dedicated to supporting your career goals and helping you navigate the journey toward meaningful employment.