Part-time jobs to full-time careers

Empowering Nebraskans to achieve economic independence and thrive in work and life in partnership with employers.

Supporting employers in expanding and supporting their workforce

People are the most important part of any business, and businesses are the backbone of our communities. When people thrive in a job, we all succeed. Our goal is to support employers in expanding and supporting their workforce by:

Empowering the jobseeker

We help Nebraskans find jobs where they can thrive—stable, good-paying jobs with opportunities for advancement that empower them to realize their unique strengths and potential. We commit to being proactive, respectful, and innovative. We strive to make meaningful connections. We will:

Evidence-based strategies

We pursue excellence by leading with vision and developing evidence-based strategies. We:

Financial education

We help people earn and make money by helping them find employment. The guidance for managing that money is just as important for many of our customers and is often overlooked. We are committed to the complete wellbeing of our customers. We want them to thrive. We will strengthen our commitment to incorporating financial education into our service strategy. This will include creating a budget, managing debt, opening a bank account, and planning for the future.

Active, intentional, and ongoing engagement

Amidst an international pandemic, economic crisis, and social unrest, there are individuals that desperately need a job. We have a vital role to play. We cannot passively wait for these jobseekers to walk into our center. We must be active and intentional in reaching out to dislocated workers, low-income individuals, and diverse jobseekers. We can help jobseekers forge a path forward. We must get into the community and build stronger partnerships. We must meet people where they are. Our services are only impactful if individuals know they exist. Ongoing engagement is critical to ensuring we understand the evolving and emerging needs of jobseekers.

Embracing the digital age

We must improve our service strategy so that customers can access most services virtually. This will require redeveloping our website to be more intuitive; adding a chat function, scheduling assistant, and eligibility matrix; creating online resources; making our digital content accessible for visually impaired users and English language learners; making all assessments available online; using Zoom meetings; and creating direct linkages with our partners.

Public observation & accountability

Our work must stand proudly in the light of public observation and accountability. We are stewards of the American Job Center and the Title 1 Programs. It is our duty to maximize funding so we can empower jobseekers and support businesses. This includes:

The American Job Center

We offer a comprehensive array of services designed to match people with job and career opportunities. Our current center needs an overhaul. We want to create a vibrant gathering space, where jobseekers can explore careers, prepare for their next job, get job training if needed, and connect with career opportunities. This requires a stronger partnership with employers. We must invite and welcome employers to use our space. This means creating spaces for interviews and hiring events. We also want to create an inclusive and accessible place with opportunities for all. This means:


Lumos Maxima

Our work proudly stands in the light of public observation and accountability.

Loving Kindness

We serve with compassion toward ourselves and others, recognizing that we are interconnected.

Triathlete of the Mind – Vision, Data Analysis, Viability

We pursue excellence, leading with vision and developing evidence-based strategies.

Start the Conversation

We proactively communicate with others, especially when it is hard. We value diverse perspectives and seek to be inclusive.

Free the Fun

We bring enthusiasm and optimism to our work every day. Our workplace and community should involve plenty of joyful delight.

What’s Next?

We celebrate progress, with an eye on the next opportunity. We appreciate the value of emergence.