Lincoln Industries

Lincoln Industries is the largest and most diverse privately-held metal finishing company in North America. They develop technical solutions that move our customers forward by bringing their visions to life. […]

Hosanna Sok- Adult Program Participant

Hosanna Sok is a participant in the adult program. Hosanna was able to receive her bachelor’s degree in nursing with the help of the American Job Center. They were able […]

Diana Elias- YESS Program Participant

Diana Elias is a participant in the youth program. Diana is currently serving in the Navy and is planning on becoming an officer. She came to the United States as […]

Travis Austin – Adult Program Participant

Alann ‘Travis’  Austin is a participant in the adult program. Some things that made Travis gravitate towards participating at the American Job Center were career exploration, community networks, and job […]

Victor Robertson- Adult Program Participant

Victor Robertson is a participant in the adult program. Victor is a veteran and wanted to have access to more job opportunities so he got involved with the American Job […]

Hai Ray Paw- YESS Program Participant

Hai Ray Paw is a senior at Lincoln High school and has participated in the youth program. During her time at the American Job Center, Hai Ray was able to […]

Nebraska VR program

I began work with the Nebraska VR program back in the summer of 2016 while nearing the end of my stay at the Nebraska Department of Corrections Community Release Center […]

The best thing to happen to me

“Since I started working with Erica everything has gotten so much better! I was not in the best position. I was introduced to Erica through a friend who also went […]

YESS Program

“After having difficulty getting a job for almost a year, I came to the Nebraska Department of Labor for help. Since I was still of age, I was referred to […]