Getting Started

We Support Employers

Need help? We can assist with each of these services.

All services are offered at no cost to employers and job seekers.

Tax Credits

Earn tax credits for hiring targeted groups of job seekers.

Labor Market Information

Research labor market, economic and demographic data.

Hiring Assistance

Reserve interview space in the American Job Center. Participate in our next job fair. Search thousands of resumes on NEworks to recruit potential job candidates for your business.

Temporary Work & Internships

Host a qualified employee for up to 500 hours at no cost to you. No commitment to retain the employee after the end of the contract

Layoff Assistance

Get resources and support if you’re considering laying off employees.

Trainings & Apprenticeships

Get 50-75% wage reimbursements for qualified new hire and 50-90% matching for potential or incumbent employee training. Employer designed.