Disabled Access Tax Incentives

Small businesses are eligible for tax incentives to help cover the cost of providing reasonable accommodations for employees or customers with disabilities.

Possible qualifying costs include–but are not limited to–sign language interpreters, readers, materials in alternative format (such as Braille or large print), the purchase of adaptive equipment, the modification of existing equipment, or the removal of architectural barriers.

Federal Bonding Program

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Federal Bonding Program serves as a tool to help individuals with prior justice system involvement and other high-risk applicants get jobs.

The program issues Fidelity bonds to businesses who offer jobs to workers in “at risk” groups. These bonds are essentially insurance policies that protect the employer in case of loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program encourages employers to hire job seekers in targeted groups that have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.

The program offers qualifying employers a federal income tax credit that reduces the employer’s tax liability.

Worker Training Program

The Worker Training Program is a business incentive program created to support the training, retraining and upgrading of Nebraska’s current workforce.  

The Program reimburses employers for instructor fees, instructional materials, space, tuition, and lab fees.