On-the-job Training

50% – 75% employee wage reimbursement for employers to offset the cost of on boarding a new employee.

How it works

The employer identifies what training is needed to prepare potentials employees to enter their workplace. Staff from the American Job Center can help in the development of curriculum. Once a training plan is created, the workforce board must review the request.

The goal is to strengthen our community by supporting/creating self-sufficient jobs.

Training may relate to an introduction of new technologies, introduction to new production or service procedures, upgrading to new jobs that require additional skills, workplace literacy; or other appropriate purposes identified by the Board.


Customized training may be provided for an employer or group of employers to train potential employees that are not earning a self-sufficient wage or wages comparable to or higher than wages from previous employment.

For an employer to receive reimbursements:


Employers are required to pay a portion of the training. This may be done through both cash payments and fairly evaluated in-kind contributions. The employer contribution may include the wages the employer pays to the trainee while the worker is attending training.


If the request for funding is approved by the workforce board a contract will be developed outlining what training will be provided and how cost will be shared.

On-the-Job Training Assessment

Determine if a potential hire would be a good fit for on-the-job training.