High Wage and High Demand Occupations

Discover careers in the Lincoln metropolitan area with wages that sustain a living income and are currently in high demand. Our career planners will help you:

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High Wage

Professions with a median hourly wage exceeding $20.00 or an annual income of $41,600.

High Demand

Professions with a minimum of 100 job openings annually in the Lincoln area.

Graph of Manufacturing Jobs with Openings and Wages

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Average Openings and Wages for Manufacturing Jobs in Lincoln, NE

wdt_ID Occupation Title Occupation Title (unlinked) Average Annual Openings Average Annual Wage Average Hourly Wage
12 Machinists Machinists 154 53,120 25.54
13 Tool & Die Makers Tool & Die Makers 16 67,643 32.52
14 Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators 11 54,987 26.44
15 Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Programmers Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Programmers 13
16 Molders, Shapers, and Casters, Except Metal and Plastic Molders, Shapers, and Casters, Except Metal and Plastic 9

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The above information is for the Lincoln Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) includes the Nebraska counties of Lancaster and Seward. 

The 2020-2030 Long-term projections are based on employment data from 2020. During this time, employment in many occupations was lower than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, some occupations are projected to experience high job growth as they recover from the effects of the pandemic.  

Skill and Demand from 2020-2030 Long-term Occupational Projections, July 2022  

Wages from Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, 2nd Quarter 2022 

Information produced by The Nebraska Department of Labor, Office of Labor Market Information, Workforce Information Grant Unit, August 2022