“When I entered the YESS program I was almost finished with my associate degree at Southeast Community College. It was an associate in science as a respiratory therapist. I then made the plan to work towards getting in physician assistant (PA) school while finishing my associates.

Throughout the YESS program, I was provided with tremendous amounts of help. My board exams required to obtain my respiratory therapist license were paid for. My tuition and books were paid for as well, which helped a lot after I graduated SCC. I used financial aid to cover my SCC tuition and books while attending to complete the science prerequisites required to get into PA school. The YESS program then paid for my tuition and books at Doane while I was attending for my bachelor’s degree in health science.

When applying to PA school they also helped provide money to cover the application fees. They also provided assistance with things outside of education such as helping  with my car and gas mileage. They reimbursed my gas mileage to and from school as well as generously providing the funds I needed to replace the clutch in my car.

If it wasn’t for this program I would not be where I am today. I have since gradated again receiving my bachelor’s degree in health science and was accepted into the PA program shortly after. I am now in the beginning stages of PA school all thanks to the YESS program. I would recommend this program to anyone who qualifies. It’s a life changer. As a mother of two it is hard to find ways to afford to go to school or find the support you need while you are in school. This program can be the push you need to lead a successful educational career.”

— Miata Wallace

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