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Contact Person: Allison Hatch

Phone: 402-436-2350


Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday


EmployLNK is a collaboration of workforce development agencies in Lincoln including the American Job Center, Department of Labor, Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development/Prosper Lincoln, Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Social Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Center for People In Need, Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Veterans Affairs and more. EmployLNK is the single point of contact for business to interact with the agencies that serve others and to organize job fairs and other employment-focused events. In addition to monthly meetings to share common issues and hear from Lincoln businesses on their openings, this groups also plans career fairs for veterans, adults and students and plans a reverse pitch job fair for case managers to learn about jobs in the community. In total, the agencies serve 5,000+ Lincoln residents.

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Members of EmployLNK reside with several organizations throughout Lincoln. EmployLNK information is available via staff at the American Job Center in both suites 205 and 222.

Additional Information

Job postings, Career fairs/hiring events, case manager tours, and ability for businesses to share about job openings with case managers. EmployLNK also supports the Lincoln Manufacturing Council, which is a 6-week class that trains individuals who are interested in manufacturing careers. This class provides information about measurement, reading work orders, manufacturing workplace protocols and more.


Services provided to businesses

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