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Nebraska’s TANF cash assistance program for needy families is called Aid to Dependent Children (ADC). The purposes of the ADC program are to provide assistance to needy families so that children can be cared for in their own homes and to reduce the dependence of needy parents by promoting job preparation, work, and marriage.

The Employment First Program provides temporary, transitional support for Nebraska families so that economic self-sufficiency is attained in as expeditious a manner as possible through the provision of training, education, and employment preparation.

Emergency Assistance provides money or services to or on behalf of a needy child(ren) and any other household members to meet needs caused by an emergency when the needs cannot be met because of destitution.

How to get started

Can apply online, by phone, or contact ACCESS Nebraska for a paper application.

Directions to apply- click on the Application for economic assistance, sign in to your account or click create your account. Once in your account you will start the application process.

Lancaster County- 1050 N Street, Suite 150, Lincoln, NE 68508
Saunders County-1959 E Military Ave. Fremont, NE  68025

Additional Information

Eligibility for ADC is limited to needy families with dependent children or parent(s) with an unborn child in the final trimester. A needy family is defined as a family consisting of children living in the home of a relative, guardian, or conservator unless removed from that home by judicial determination and whose income and resources are below the standards applied on a statewide basis.

As a condition of eligibility for ADC cash assistance, a client determined to be a work-eligible individual and subject to Employment First participation must complete his/her Employment First Self–Sufficiency Contract before the family can be determined eligible to receive ADC cash assistance. If a client does not cooperate in developing and completing an Employment First Self–Sufficiency Contract, the family is ineligible for ADC cash assistance.

Emergency Assistance (EA) provides a means to deal with financial situations that are threatening the health or well-being of an eligible child and family. The family must use Emergency Assistance benefits to help return the family to a stable environment that they will maintain.

ADC provides cash assistance to eligible families.

Emergency Assistance assists with shelter, utility bills, home furnishings, clothing, and other emergency items