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The Jobs for Veterans State Grant (JVSG) program provides federal funding, through a formula grant, to the State Workforce Agency (Nebraska Department of Labor, NDOL) to hire dedicated staff to provide individualized career and training-related services to veterans and eligible persons with significant barriers to employment and to assist employers fill their workforce needs with job-seeking veterans.

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Additional Information

According to VPL 3-14, veterans served by DVOP’s must meet the Significant Barrier to Employment (SBE) criteria as defined by VPL 3-14, 4-14, 5-15, and 8-14:

A special disabled or disabled veteran, as those terms are defined in 38 U.S.C § 4211(1) and (3); special disabled and disabled veterans are those:

  • who are entitled to compensation (or who, but for the receipt of military retired pay, would be entitled to compensation) under laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; or,
  • were discharged or released from active duty because of a service-connected disability;
    • A homeless person, as defined in Sections 103(a) and (b) of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. I 1302(a) and (b», as amended;
    • A recently-separated service member, as defined in 38 U.S.C § 4211(6), who has been unemployed for 27 or more weeks in the previous 12 months;
    • An individual with justice system involvement, as defined by WIOA Section 3 (38), who is currently incarcerated or who has been released from incarceration;
    • A veteran lacking a high school diploma or equivalent certificate; or
    • A low-income individual (as defined by WIOA Section 3 (36».

There are two roles for the provision of services through JVSG: the Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER) and the Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP). The public facing title for both is “Reemployment Coordinator for Veteran Services”.

There are specific services that are authorized for each role according to USC Title 38 (Chapter 41, Section 4103 and 4104) and ETA WIOA PIRL:


  • Assessment interview
    • JVSG program eligibility determination
  • Career guidance services
    • Provision of information to assist the veteran in making occupation or career decisions
  • Individual employment plan (IEP)
    • Development of a plan to obtain employment
  • Individualized career services
    • Provision of skills and career aptitude assessments
    • Work experiences
    • Other customized services according to the need of the veteran
  • Staff-assisted job search activities
    • Resume preparation
    • Job search assistance or workshop
    • Locating job clubs
    • Develop job search plan
    • Identify job postings
  • Staff-assisted career services
    • Reemployment services
    • Referral to education services


  • Conduct outreach to employers in the area to assist veterans in gaining employment, including conducting seminars for employers and, in conjunction with employers, conducting job search workshops and establishing job search groups; and
  • Facilitate employment, training, and placement services furnished to veterans in a State under the applicable State employment service delivery systems.
  • Serve as a capacity builder to boost the effectiveness of AJC colleagues who serve veterans;
  • Promote awareness and appreciation of the special qualities veterans bring by explaining how military experience and training can translate into civilian competencies;
  • Connect with employers, training providers, and labor organizations to promote veteran employment opportunities;
  • Create employment opportunities where none currently exist by showing employers the value a veteran brings to an organization;
  • Educate and persuade employers to take time to meet with individual job-seeking veterans;
  • Generate more business for the AJC by educating employers and community organizations about the benefits of utilizing all of the services that are offered;
  • Help veterans tap into the hidden job market by opening doors for them;
  • Conduct outreach on behalf of all the veterans served by the AJC.

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