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Hours of Operation: 8 AM to 5 PM


RESEA is an extension of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits Program.

The primary goals for the RESEA program are to:

  • Improve employment outcomes for individuals that receive unemployment compensation (UC) and to reduce average duration of receipt of UC through employment
  • Strengthen program integrity and reduce improper payments; promote alignment with the broader vision of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)—increasing program integration and service delivery for job seekers
  • Establish RESEA as an entry point to other workforce system partner programs for individuals receiving UC.

How to get started

The automatic selection system within NDOL UI is used to identify automatically schedule the claimant for the 1:1 meeting via the NEworks Events Calendar. This automated process occurs twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday night) to identify claimants most likely in need of resources and support to gain meaningful employment. As individuals are scheduled into an NEres event, a Notice of Requirement to Report letter is mailed to the listed address in NEworks for the claimant and also sent to the claimant through the NEworks Message center

1330 N Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

Additional Information

  • Receiving payment under regular unemployment compensation program
  • Claimant lives in NE or bordering counties
  • The claimant is not required to participate if one of the following is confirmed by a NDOL teammate:
    • Attached to employer
    • Active participant of STC Program
    • Union member with hiring hall
    • Active participant in approved Training Program (ATP)
    • Moved outside of NE and bordering counties (address updated on NEworks

The individual criteria that are part of each NEres service are:

1-on-1 Meeting: program and one-stop center orientation; LMI; skills assessment overview (Nebraska Career Connections and NEworks); work search activities; UI eligibility assessment; Individual Employment Plans (IEPs); review of skills assessment; review of work search activities.

Referral to necessary services: workshops; Wagner-Peyser Employment Service; training services; Nebraska VR Program; WIOA Title I programs; Veteran services; other one-stop services; services available through community-based organizations.

Appropriate follow-up services: comparing employment status to IEPs; review work search activities; meeting with claimants up to two additional times


AJC is unable to send referrals to the RESEA program as they participants are selected by UI. However, NEres staff send referrals to other programs through NEworks.