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Contact Person: Amy Ortega-Bryan MS CRC, Bi-Lingual Employment Specialist 

Phone: 402-405-3189

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Nebraska VR is an employment program for people who experience a disability. Everything Nebraska VR does and all of the services we provide are for the purpose of helping people with disabilities prepare for, find and/or keep a job. The program is voluntary and the services provided will be specific to your needs. We will work with you as long as you need us to help you find a job. Nebraska VR serves all disability groups with the exception of those who are blind or visually impaired. These individuals are served by the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

How to get started

Contact your local VR office for the specific process to apply. You will be asked to submit a written application, and given instructions there. Eligibility decisions are made within 60 days of application.

Find your nearest local office by either contacting your state’s Vocational Rehabilitation office, or through the American Job Center network, where many Nebraska VR staff are located.

Nebraska VR- Lincoln Service Office:
3901 N 27th St, Ste 6
Lincoln, NE 68521

Additional Information

To qualify you must have the following:

  • Impairment: You must have a diagnosed impairment. Another word for this is disability. This could be some type of physical, mental, emotional or learning disability.
  • Impediment to employment: We must be able to show that the impairment has caused you some problems in past employment, current employment or would cause some problems preparing for and getting employment in the future.
  • Benefit: We must be able to show that VR services would help you obtain successful employment. Require services: We must show that VR services are needed for you to reach successful employment.

Eligibility requirements are applied without regard to gender, race, age, color, or national origin. There is no upper or lower age limit for any person who otherwise meets the basic eligibility criteria. You must be present in the State of Nebraska and be one of the following:

  • a US citizen
  • a permanent resident that possesses an Alien Registration Card (Green Card)
  • a non-citizen who is authorized to work by the US Department of Homeland Security
  • People who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are considered eligible for VR, unless they are too disabled to benefit.


Once eligibility has been determined, you and your counselor will explore your work interests, work values, work preferences, work considerations, education and training, job skills, job history and support network to help you determine an appropriate job goal and plan to reach that goal.

Nebraska VR provides employment individualized services. Once you have been determined eligible for Nebraska VR services your counselor will help you develop an individualized plan for employment or IPE.

Services provided to businesses

Job Matching

Nebraska VR matches qualified candidates with quality businesses. We discover the qualifications and skills required for your hiring needs. Nebraska VR will access our candidate pool to find individuals with skills for your specific job openings. We provide you pre-screened candidates to match your needs.

Job Retention

After we have worked together to place the right person in the right job, Nebraska VR is available to ensure successful employment. Nebraska VR provides follow-up visits to ensure the employee's and the employer's needs are being met. We assist employees with worksite accommodations to help keep valued workers and avoid the cost of training new staff.

Job Coaching

This service helps job candidates learn a new job to the employer's specifications. Nebraska VR provides a qualified job coach to train the candidate until they become proficient.

Assistive Technology

These services can include evaluation, design, adaptation, or technical training. Assistive technology specialists can provide recommendations for worksite modifications for your employees. Demonstration and trial use of assistive technology equipment will be provided.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Employers that hire Nebraska VR's qualified candidates may claim the WOTC. Nebraska VR will assist with the process required to apply for up to $2400 in federal tax credits.

On-the-Job Evaluation (OJE)*

This opportunity allows businesses to observe a candidate's potential before making a final hiring decision. Worksite training and evaluation activities help you determine if a candidate is the right fit for a job. OJEs range from 1 to 90 hours, depending on your position requirements, and may be arranged as a volunteer or paid position. Because you have no obligation to hire the person being evaluated, you save costly turn over expenses.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)*

This training is provided in an actual work setting by the potential employer. OJTs are business driven and an opportunity to train job candidates your way with the job skills required for success in a specific job. Training duration varies depending on the skill level of the candidate. Permanent employment is the goal and support is available from Nebraska VR. *Insurance coverage for job candidates is provided by Nebraska VR.