We connect job seekers with employers.

We are the Public Workforce System for Lancaster and Saunders Counties. We work with government, industry, and non-profit groups to build our communities, support our businesses, and create job opportunities. We empower Nebraskans with the skills and education they need to compete in a competitive global economy. The confidence and self-fulfillment that come with doing and earning creates dignity and upward mobility. We measure success by the achievement of our people, by the jobs they can find, and the quality of life those jobs offer.

All services are provided at no cost to job seekers and employers. The majority of funding is from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Vision and Values

Supporting employers and empowering jobseekers


Almost 50 years of education and training

Economic Impact

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See how we are helping Nebraskans find meaningful employment.


Leading Lincoln toward a more successful, secure, and shared future.

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One Stop Operator

Through the Public Workforce System, the One Stop Operator connects workforce partners, integrates services, and builds system capacity. The One Stop Operator:

  • Facilitates integrated partnerships
  • Develops and implements operational policies
  • Uses technology to achieve integration and expanded service offerings
  • Helps to organize and integrate American Job Center services by function instead of program
  • Coordinates services for all customers seamlessly (including targeted populations)
  • Ensures that all basic career services are available in the resource room
  • Functionally manages the entire center

If you’re a partner that wants to participate in the workforce system, please contact our One Stop Operator:

Ronesha Love, Ed.D
(402) 441-1640

Sublease Space

Co-location space is available at the American Job Center for community partners. Subleased cubicles includes internet, phone, and access to the conference and meeting rooms.

Contact the One Stop Operator for more information.

Service Area

We serve Lancaster and Saunders counties. This includes the Star City (Lincoln), Wahoo, Ashland, and the Bohemian Alps. If you live in or want to work in one of these counties, we can help you find a job. If you are an employer doing business in our service area, we can assist.

If you are not in our service area, no worries–these services are available nationwide.  Our American Job Center is part of a network of nearly 2,300 centers.

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