Committed to Helping our Community Recover

Aiding individuals affected by a layoff to transition to new employment by providing job search assistance and training opportunities.

Maintaining or Improving Your Wage

Our career planners will work to understand your wage needs and help you identify careers to either maintain or increase your earnings. We will emphasize the use of the H3 website ( to help you identify, acquire skills, and enter high wage, high-skill, and high-demand (H3) careers in Nebraska. All program activities will be centered on the achievement of this primary goal.

Employment & Training Services

Activities that will support you in securing a stable, good-paying job are listed on our Job Seeker Services page.

Temporary Income Assistance

Our career planners can also assist you in applying for and understanding your unemployment insurance benefits. When participating in a Dislocated Worker Program training activity, your work search requirements may be waived by the Nebraska Department of Labor.


You might be eligible for funding if:


All services are provided at zero cost to the job seeker and are funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.


We measure success by the achievement of our people, by the jobs they can find, and the quality of life those jobs offer. It is our goal to help you find good employment and keep it or advance.

Laid Off Due to Global Trade?

If you have been laid off due to the impacts of global trade, the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program provides support to help job seekers. It operates much like the Dislocated Worker Program but with enhanced benefits to transition to new employment.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Services

Most participants will first be enrolled in the Dislocated Worker Program while the Trade petition is reviewed by the US Department of Labor. (ALL Trade participants are eligible for the Dislocated Worker Program). Participants can leverage funding from both programs and services will be coordinated.

Eligibility Indicator

To be eligible for this program, you need to have been a part of one of these Trade Certified layoffs:

Company NameImpactExpiration
 Allstate Insurance Company12/26/201702/11/2021
The AMES Companies, Inc.02/10/201904/14/2022
Bank of the West8/26/201812/30/2021
Capital One10/9/201710/23/2020
CSG Systems4/3/20187/1/2023
Data Axle (Infogroup)6/17/20208/11/2023
Eaton Corporation6/4/20207/26/2023
Lee Enterprises, Inc.10/16/20193/7/2023
NTT Data Services, LLC7/6/201908/13/2022
NTT Security Inc.03/20/201904/14/2022
NMG LLC08/05/201908/23/2022
Overland Products Company, Inc.12/18/201801/17/2022
Pall Filter Specialists11/2/201911/20/2022
Pitney Bowes4/21/20209/17/2023
 Royal Engineered Composites, Inc.7/16/20192/25/2023
 Savox Communications4/9/2018 5/24/2021
 Tenneco Inc.12/06/201802/05/2022
Tenneco Inc.2/18/20191/7/2023
Transaction Applications Group06/12/201807/25/2021
Valsoft SARS, Inc. (Macpractice)10/28/20191/19/2023

The Nebraska Department of Labor sends notifications to individuals in these groups. It is possible that the Nebraska Department of Labor may not receive a complete list of employees affected. If you became separated from a company on this list between the beginning (impact) date and the expiration date, you may qualify for Trade benefits.

To learn more, contact the Trade Adjustment Program.