Empowering Workers with Disabilities: Services, Support, and Opportunities

The American Job Center is dedicated to assisting workers with disabilities by providing practical solutions to overcome barriers to employment and achieve economic security. Our comprehensive services are designed to support individuals with disabilities throughout their career journey, offering individualized assistance, training, and access to resources. Discover the various services and benefits we offer to help you thrive in the workplace.

Services for Individuals with Disabilities:

At the American Job Center, we offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. In addition to our career services, we provide specialized support in the following areas:

Assistive Technology:

Our resource room is equipped with assistive technology tools, including magnification devices, screen reading software, and text-to-speech conversion tools, to enhance accessibility for individuals with visual impairments.

Benefits Planning:

Our Certified Work Incentives Benefits Counselor can help you navigate the complexities of returning to work while ensuring you understand the potential impact on your benefits. We provide guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Disclosing a Disability:

Our career planners are here to assist you in deciding when and how to disclose your disability to potential employers. We’ll provide guidance to help you navigate this process effectively.

Leveraging Resources:

We collaborate with other agencies and community resources to ensure you have access to all available support services. By leveraging these resources, we can maximize your opportunities for success.

Reasonable Accommodations:

We provide supportive services to help you obtain necessary workplace accommodations and equipment modifications. Our Career Planners can assist in discussions with employers regarding modified work schedules, training materials, qualified readers or interpreters, and adjustments to testing related to American Job Center activities.

Integrated Service Delivery:

The Adult Program and/or Youth Employment Support Services are the main providers of services. To further enhance our services, we collaborate with partner organizations that specialize in empowering individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Some of our partners include:

Tax Credits

Our dedicated career planners can advocate on your behalf by educating potential employers about the tax benefits available to them when they hire workers with disabilities. Some of these tax credits include the Disabled Access Credit and Work Opportunity Tax Credit.


At the American Job Center, we are committed to providing unwavering support to individuals with disabilities as they pursue employment opportunities and strive for economic independence.