Are you considering self-employment? Explore options, pros, and cons.

Discover the various avenues available to you, from gig employment to freelancing and starting your own business. Learn about the benefits and challenges of working for yourself to determine if it aligns with your goals and aspirations. Explore the possibilities, make informed decisions, and find the resources you need to embark on your self-employment journey.

Self-Employment Options

Explore the different paths of self-employment, such as gig employment, where you can take up short-term, on-demand jobs in various fields. Freelancing offers opportunities for skilled individuals to provide their expertise on a project basis. Additionally, starting your own business allows you to establish a physical presence and employ others. Discover the types of self-employment that suit your skills and interests.

Is Self-Employment Right for You?

Find out if self-employment is the right choice for you by considering its benefits and challenges. Enjoy the freedom to pursue your passion and customize your work according to your talents and values. Experience flexibility in setting your own schedule and work environment. However, be aware of potential obstacles, such as the lack of employee benefits and the increased financial risks. Understand the tax implications and complexities that come with self-employment. Assess your motivation and ability to stay focused and self-directed.


Discovering self-employment opportunities is made easier with the assistance of career planners and support programs. Through the American Job Center, individuals can earn the Entrepreneurship Business Certificate from Southeast Community College, expanding their knowledge and skills in starting and running a business. SourceLink Nebraska provides invaluable assistance in creating business plans, identifying resources, and offering training to help individuals navigate the path of self-employment. Take advantage of these resources to set yourself up for success in your entrepreneurial journey.