Services We Offer

  • Career Planning -Discover educational, training and professional opportunities that suit your interests, passions and goals.
  • Employment plan – Create career goals and identify the most direct path to achievement
  • Individual and Group Career Counseling – Get support, career guidance, and discuss your potential career options.
  • Get Ready to Work – Strengthen your communication, interpersonal skills, and job-seeking skills.
  • Internships and try-out employment – Paid and unpaid learning opportunities to developing self-esteem, life strategies, career pathways and marketable job skills.
  • Workforce preparation – Acquire a combination of basic academic skills, critical thinking skills, digital literacy skills, and/or self-management skills.
  • Financial and family well-being – Gain skills and knowledge to make informed decisions with your financial resources.

Individualized career services are offered through the Adult Program and Dislocated Worker Program. Learn more about these programs including eligibility and how to get started by visiting their program pages. 

Relocation Services

We can help you move and find a job elsewhere, but we would prefer to help you find a career here.

Laid off? Ready for a fresh start?

Calling all people living in Oklahoma, California, or New York. Life is good here.

Move to Lincoln, or anywhere in Saunders county or Lancaster county, and we’ll help you find a new job or even a new career path.

Here is why we think Lincoln is the place to be.

We’ve got low cost of living, short commutes, good jobs and good neighbors. If you’ve been laid off and want to experience the good life, consider moving to the Lincoln area. You may be eligible for relocation assistance and needs-related payments through our dislocated worker program.

Relocation assistance can include reimbursements for:

  • Travel
  • Lodging
  • Moving expenses

Dislocated Worker Program participants can also get up to $1,700. These needs-related payments help them transition to their next job opportunity.

Here is how our program works:

  • Be determined eligible for the program.
  • Create an employment plan with a career planner to find a job in our service area.
  • Receive a job offer and accept it.
  • We will help you relocate.

Schedule an appointment with a career planner to learn more or to get started.

Don’t qualify for our relocation assistance but still want to move here?

We can still help you find a job. See how we help job seekers or visit our resource room to get one-on-one support.