Advancing living wages and inclusivity.

Individuals that work full-time should achieve a measure of stability. The workforce board is committed to reducing poverty among our working people. We are committed to building career pathways what will support our people in achieving economic independence. We will foster economic inclusivity by investing in people with unrealized potential including youth and individuals with barriers to employment.

“Hard work is a core value in Nebraska. Our state boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and one of the highest rates of parents participating in the workforce. But our economy has left too many hard-working Nebraskans behind, risking family stability.” – Rebecca Gould, Nebraska Appleseed.

Role of the Board

Strategic Functions

  • Developing a local plan
  • Conducting workforce research and regional labor market analysis
  • Negotiating local performance levels
  • Developing a budget for local activities
  • Leading career pathways development

System Capacity Building

  • Identifying and promoting promising practices to meet needs of employers and workers with disabilities 
  • Convening, brokering, and leveraging local stakeholders to assist in writing plan and identifying non-federal expertise and resources
  • Engaging a diverse range of employers to promote business representation and industry/sector partnerships

Systems Alignment & Effective Operations

  • Identifying eligible training providers
  • Designating One-Stop operators
  • Program oversight and developing MOUs with One-Stop partners
  • Conducting oversight of local youth activities
  • Identifying eligible youth providers and awarding competitive grants/contracts